We have formed partnerships with leading architects, designers and construction companies

Partnership opportunities
with Riseonics

We provide 100% funding for property developers. Our business is privately owned and funded, backed with capital from the Chairman’s family office and a trusted partner. We have no shareholders or external board members and this unique way of funding enables us to make quick decisions in a flexible way, the complete opposite of our ‘computer says no’ competitors.

Consulting Engineers

Buraak Engineering

BURAAK Consulting Engineers was established in 2018 with its foundation laid on Dedication, Integrity, Teamwork, and Quality. We strive to work as our client’s extended team instead of an individual consultant. When you discover BURAAK, you’ll find a company willing, ready, capable and flexible to deliver your required engineering services with an organizational structure truly focused on efficiency, Effective communication, Fulfilling commitments and quality.

Builders & Architects

Star Builders & Architects

Star Builders and Architects is one of the leading Construction companies in Pakistan. We are recognized as a dedicated team of professional Contractors, Our firm delivers the highest standard of quality construction, projects in major cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Multan. We bring innovative, amazing design techniques and construction solutions to our clients with the help of our experienced team.

Charted Accountants (FSCO)

Fahad Sheraz & Co.

Fahad Sheraz & Co. Charted Accountants (FSCO) was established in 2016. Our purpose is to build a better working world through our own actions and by engaging Organizations and Individuals who have high values and committed to make the world a better place. We help Organizations and Individuals to create the value they’re looking for, by delivering Quality in Assurance, Tax, Advisory, and other Services.


Pentad Media

With over 13 years of experience, Pentad Media is our trusted partner in driving technology-driven growth. Their team of experienced software engineers, creative thinkers, and marketing professionals collaborates to provide tailored solutions for our business. From software development and website design to creative branding and strategic marketing, they have all the expertise to elevate any brand's digital presence. With a deep understanding of diverse real estate industry, they have delivered innovative and effective solutions that has helped us stay ahead of the competition.

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