Our Expertise

We create properties, places and communities where people want to live, work and play

Designing, developing and delivering unparalleled residential and commercial Property projects

We offer expertise and experience across both new build residential, commercial and mixed-use schemes, delivering projects of £5-30m with a particular focus on the high-end luxury homes and apartments.

Modern Housing

Riseonics design and build award winning homes where people aspire to live, play and work today. Our projects vary from small stand-alone developments to larger communities, primarily located in prime cities. Whatever the size of the project, we aim to deliver homes that are modern, smart, practical and secure.

Urban Development

Riseonics team has shaped many of the defining urban projects of the modern era, leading the thinking on cities. The executive team being involved in one of the most innovative housing projects and communities in emerging Pakistani cities such as Gwadar, has gained the skills and experience required to deliver high quality urban development projects.

Land Development

Riseonics team has all the right skillset and expertise to acquire a tract of land, determine the marketing of the property, develop the building design, obtain the necessary approvals, build the structures, develop large-scale communities and then ultimately sell them. We have the privilege to be involved and delivery of number of premium housing schemes.

Property Management

Riseonics don't just design and develop properties, we manage and maintain them too. We believe that no one can better manage and maintain properties and places than those who have created them in the very first place. Therefore, we do this so that all our developments are recognised as well-maintained and well-managed communities in the cities they are developed.

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